Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Made in........ WHAT!!!!!!!!

Last week I was at Chapters/Indigo and they had put a fabulous collection of Portuguese cooking together, complete with Portuguese INSPIRED dinnerware.   I will say that I was so disappointed when the vignette I was looking at had the story going on, but when I flipped over the Dinnerware.... MADE IN CHINA!!!! what were they thinking!!!!

When I visited Portugal about 3 years ago for The Bay; at the time I was buying Stemware & Flatware for the company, Myself and the Dinnerware buyer visited many ceramic, glassware and hand painted factories, I am 100% confident that they would have LOVED to supply Chapters/indigo with MADE IN PORTUGAL dinnerware and serve ware to complete the look and the story that chapters was trying to create. 

Everyone is so busy these days, so taking the time to shop in a  retail environment when so many of us are now shopping on line, really means that the retailer really needs to step up their game and take the vision right down to all the elements needed to make the shoppers inspired to recreate the look & feel...

Although, I still love Chapters/Indigo but this vignette was a complete disappointment!!!
Now...., I may be a little biased, being Portuguese and all ;)    but I really think they could have done such a wonderful job with this....  maybe next time!

here are some pics anyway!  enjoy...


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