Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The revolution of the "Living Room" a room never entered in the 80's & 90's...

Many of you will remember that "special room" in your parents house that NO ONE used but was always immacuatley kept.  Well there is a resurge of the living room in homes across Canada and the amazing part is that it is a space that is actually being used NOW!!!!!  In the 80's & 90's the room was more used as a status room "look at what I have... extra space and furniture as new as the day it was bought!!!"  TODAY, not so much!  we want to create spaces that are unique and that are being used.  We want to entertain and have great conversations.  Creating a room that enhances this is a big deal again!.   Being within the retail world for the last 20 years and as a Housewares Buyer for the last 10 years it has allowed me to be in "the know"  and through research and sales trends within housewares it was apparent that we as a society are entertaining more.  We are enjoying our Food, our Wines and our diverse Cultures within today's society and the Best part is that we are taking the time to learn about them.

Within this particular space my clients, wanted a space they could use to entertain with friends.  They wanted an aspect of "The Bar" within the space and they wanted the room to feel comfortable, relaxing and inviting.   By creating the Bar element we brought in a great Bar cart and various food and wine literature that was used as decor to bring the whole look together.  We purchased the sofa and decorative chairs at The Bay (Gluckstein Home Furniture line, exclusive to the Bay).  We also added a beautiful ottoman that added that piece of intrigue and dimension from Zilli Home Furnishings.  The legs on the Ottomon are beautiful!  Our incredible rug is a organic rug made in Turkey, the uniquness of the rug is the that the overall modern look coming out of Turkey, typically many turkish rugs are much more traditional in design (Rug was purchased at ELTE).  We also added various accessories from The Bay, Home outfitters, Home Sense and the Bar Shop.  Hope you enjoy it and you are inspired to spice up that NON living room space within your home.  And as always if you need help please email me at!!