Thursday, 13 December 2012

It's all in the details....

Within this grand entrance the ceiling was plain and typical.  We added in some plastor moulding to mimic the circular shape of the staircase which provided depth and interest to the ceiling.  This is a great inexpensive tip to add to a space that lacks interest!  hope your inspired.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Holiday Mantel 2012

well here it is.... My redesigned 2012 Holiday Mantel.

Many of the pieces I have used are actually repositioned from Christmas's prior.  I love Christmas and often splurge on a few great pieces every year! 

This year I was going for a sophisticated and traditional look with a small twist.

I had purchased my daughters initials in the fall and thought adding them in my holiday mantel would give it a distinguished look.    One of my daughter's name starts with the letter of my surname which worked out perfectly!  I also opted for a non traditional rectangular fresh boxwood & evergreen wreath which made for a super chic look.  

I completed the look using 3M's command tape - Love using this tool for home staging!!

Here is a picture of my daughters,
who were the inspiration on this years re-design!
Evelyn, Danielle and Lauren